Full Stack Developer, Solr, Cloud Security & DevOps Engineer

Living in Washington DC and web developer, Cloud Security, DevOps and Solr practitioner, Enthusiastic of the new technology, developer of Java, PHP and C#.

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Hi, I'm Alain Palenzuela, born in Cuba, graduate of software engineer on 1995, develop software has been my passion, better code, more organized, following best practices of current times, spending times on getting familiar with common the developer languages, to better optimize the code, and the use of comunication through APIs, REST. With the time, and more experience, study and trainning on new technologies like Solr, Agile, and more aware of the big problem of the cyber security and the evolution of the technology of the cloud and the risks related. For all this I became who I'm, an enthusiast of the new technology.


Work Experience

IT Specialist - Linux Administrator and System Designer May/2014 - Present (Library of Congress - NLS)

System Designer and developer of National Library Service API, and BARD website (Braille and Audio Reading Download) of Library of Congress, with also Linux administrative tasks, Cloud Security and DevOps.

Senior Web Developer March/2012 - May/2014 (GBTI Solutions)

Developer of BARD Website and BARD API for the National Library Service.

Team Leader - Applications (Web/Desktop) Developer March/2011 - June/2012 (Applied Media Technologies)

Organizer of the production process into the automation department, responsible for creating and designing the new web and intranet application, improving the e-commerce system, integrating Fedex API with previously mentioned products



Working with LAMP for more than 15 years, the last 5 year mainly CodeIgniter Framework


Intense use of Solr Search Engine, implementing the search for NLS, allow me to understand this excellent tool

Linux Admin

Being involved with linux administration has been essential on my develop as a IT Professional

Cloud Security

New technologies and new challenge arrive, Cloud Security Training come to support my efforts on as a new DevOps


Google Cloud, Kubernetes and others new applications and strategies had become a new need for my company and here I go ...


Bachelor of Science, Information Technology Havana, Cuba September 1989 - July 1996

Training "Solr Unleashed" Reston, Virginia - June 2016

Training "Solr Under the Hood" Reston, Virginia - June 2016

Training on Cloud Security Reston, Virginia - March 2017

Latest conferences and events

  • Google Cloud Next17

  • Docker Federal Summit 2017

  • CyberSecure Gov

  • DevOps Connect: Jenkins Days

  • Docker Summit 2016

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